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The Social Mood is a methodology developed and registered by NODO with more than 25 years worth of data, backed by a know how that determines and segments the predominant mood level of society, which has influence in many matters and has special effect in communication, consumers and election preferences.


It’s the state of mind that predominates in society, reality is perceived in function of this mood and the information is filtered and interpreted.It impacts in the decision making process, in the purchase of goods, in the acceptance/ rejection of communication, in the way of life, in established goals and desired.It significantly prevails and influences over attitudes, postures and evaluation of topics, institutions and and public figures exposed to public opinion.

The most important state of mind study in Mexico

We have more than 25 years of tracking, 5 presidential periods, more than 200,000 surveys, more than 2,250 sessions / workshops / ethnos.



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