Government and Public Opinion



Anthropology and ethnography Nodo style, a complete vision of reality, both real and virtual, with a talented team of investigators. The Nodo method and its vision come to life in each observation, in each interaction with social reality, with the consumers, with citizens.

We explore public space, homes, pantries, stores and all the places where we can find pathways, explanations and an approach, with the purpose of translating, digesting and transforming our learnings into insights for our customers.

For us, understanding the culture is understanding the consumer, the voter, the citizen…the person, the family, the community, and above all understand that all form part of cultural milestones.

And we move beyond that:

Accompanying people in their everyday spaces, observing interactions and where these come from, how culture is conformed.

Intuition + findings+ theoretical framework, discovering pathways and trends.

Understand what is being said, what isn’t, what is shown and what is hidden, the reasons why and the importance behind it.

Accedemos a las PALABRAS de la gente y de la comunidad para comprender lo que sienten, piensan y esperan.

We Contrast what is expressed with words and reflections VS what is observed in locations, the house, street and community (established discourse VS social reality)

Ethnographic studies. Accompanying. Walk alongs. Nethnographic and Semiotic studies to explain the sense of the world to our customers.



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    Homero No. 229, Piso MS, Colonia Polanco, 11560, Ciudad de México, México.